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Meet the new bar attraction

With a perfect pour and sophisticated design, the Long Rays Fountain elevates drinks service in boutique venues.

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Modernising mixer service

Add a new dimension to your interactions with customers. The Long Rays Fountain invites patrons to consider not just the spirit, but their mixer too. It brings mixers into the conversation by adding an element of theatre to the pouring of a perfect G&T or spritz – these drinks are mainstays of many venues, and it’s time to elevate them.

When your patrons watch their drink flowing from the Fountain, they know everything in their glass is top-shelf. Our mixers are made to complement Australian craft spirits, creating a refined offering for venues where provenance and originality matters.

The Fountain will also save you from throwing away hundreds – if not thousands – of glass bottles every month. Speak to our team to learn how the Fountain will add a new dynamic to your service experience.

Long Rays Fountain

Why we made it

Designed in Australia to modernise mixer service, the Fountain was created for venues where a refined experience matters at every touchpoint. Its compact design and fast pour improve your efficiency, while the elegant cascade of tonic and soda creates a visually engaging customer experience.

The Fountain is designed as a visual representation of our carefully crafted Premium Australian Tonic and Soda. Its rose gold design was inspired by copper stills, ensuring it looks like the perfect match for beautifully crafted Australian spirits and fits right in at boutique venues.

Can we do something good for the environment and still have nice things? We think so. By introducing the Fountain to busy venues, we are aiming to take 7 million glass bottles out of circulation in the next 3 years. Because the Fountain delivers the same crisp taste as bottles, there is no compromise on the quality of our drinks.

Cuba, Covent Garden, Brisbane

“We want to shine a spotlight on drinks crafted here in Australia, and the Fountain allows us to talk about how a good mixer does justice to a spirit. When a customer selects a boutique spirit from our shelf, we can complement it with an Australian tonic or soda water poured from the Long Rays Fountain, which creates the kind of bespoke experience we want to offer.”

Up your game

Interested in installing a Fountain?

If tonic and soda are frequent orders at your venue, the Fountain delivers an engaging service experience while also reducing waste.

We’re now rolling them out in select locations that value customer experience, artisan products and supporting Australian brands. Enquire now to learn how a Fountain can be installed in your venue.