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A new spin on the classics

Australian tonic and soda, crafted for good days

Premium Australian


You haven’t truly enjoyed your favourite Australian spirits until you’ve tried them with our signature Premium Australian Tonic. By replacing imported ingredients with natives, we’ve created a new style of tonic for the Australian palate.

Naturally light with a dry soda finish, this balanced tonic is the best bud a good bottle of gin can have. First you’ll detect balanced citrus and quinine, followed by aromatic lemon myrtle and a subtle bite of Tasmanian mountain pepper. The soda finish cleanses your palate, allowing the gin to shine and linger.

Why you’ll love it

We made this tonic so you can experience the best Australian gin and tonic you’ll ever drink. Made to do justice to your favourite gin, this naturally light tonic is crafted with native ingredients that complement the botanicals Australian distillers are using. Plus, the double-pour bottle gives you two drinks.

Premium Australian


Water so pure, it’s virtuous (until we carbonate it).

This crisp sparkling soda water is all could you want: Victorian spring water, highly carbonated for big-time refreshment. To maintain the purity of your water, we carbonate and bottle just down the road from its source.

Why you will love it

Any Melbournian with taste will tell you how good Victoria’s water is, so it’s time you experienced it too. All we do to it is add the perfect level of carbonation, so you can sip clean, crisp soda water direct from its origin. Its purity is the perfect accompaniment to any meal or your favourite spirit.

How we make our drinks

Ask the people

To create a better way to drink, we skip the guesswork and go straight to people with the best taste. We ask distillers and bartenders what’s missing from their drink shelves, then we make it for them.

Start experimenting

Once we source the right ingredients, we tweak the recipe again and again until it is balanced and passes two tests: is sippable straight from the bottle, and plays well with spirits.

Make it fizz

Perfect carbonation enhances a drink, without competing with it. Once we’ve defined the flavour profile of a drink, we match it with the exact level of carbonation to bring out its best qualities.

Our drinks are

Australian made

Infused with natural ingredients

Crafted with precision

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Where to find us

Try us and see what makes our drinks different. You’ll find us at independent bottleshops and grocers.